Ducom Workshop

Ducom Workshop - Tribometers and Solutions

Date: 29th of March

Time: 17:00 till 18:30

Location: main plenary room

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Scientific instruments like Tribometers are at the heart of Tribology research and product development. Solutions developed using these tribometers can improve the process efficiency in metal forming industry, achieve better fuel economy to reduce carbon emission and also contribute towards lowering the biomaterial associated infections. In this workshop organized by Ducom, we will discuss in detail about these solutions, by a panel of researchers from industries and academia. Furthermore, we all know that these solutions cannot be achieved without having Tribometers in the lab. In this regard, if you decide to buy Tribometers then what you should know? We will discuss this topic and share our experience on cost vs. value.

Workshop Agenda

Group of presenters
1700 to 1715
Industry opinion: What to know before buying a tribometer ?
Dr. Deepak H. Veeregowda (Ducom Instruments, Netherlands)
Mr. Anirudh Dube (Ducom Instruments, USA)
1720 to 1745
1. Simple tricks to measure the tribo-corrosion in a lab
2. Industry opinion: Bio-tribological behavior of DLC and TiN coatings
Dr. Mathew T. Mathew (University of Illinois, USA)
Dr. Ganesh Kamath (Vaportec Inc., USA)
1750 to 1810
1. New technique to simulate the friction and wear process during hot metal forming
2. High temperature erosion and ASTM G211-14
Dr. Leonardo Pelcastre (Lulea Univeristy, Sweden)
Dr. Deepak H. Veeregowda ( Ducom Instruments, Netherlands)
1815 to 1830
1. Industry opinion: Characterizing Nano-additives using a Four Ball Tester
2. MicroForce to investigate the lubricant properties
Dr. George Diloyan (Nanotech Industrial Solutions, USA)
Dr. Deepak H. Veeregowda (Ducom Instruments, Netherlands)
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