Electricity, transportation and manufacturing activities contribute 60% of the greenhouse gas emissions. Such emissions can be controlled by using the knowledge of tribology (friction, wear and lubrication). Ducom is committed to the scientists developing the friction and wear resistant materials by equipping them with the state-of-the-art friction and wear measuring devices or Tribometers.

Ducom has dominated the scientific instruments market by installing the most reliable tribometers, compatible with high temperature (up to 1000oC). Several Ducom tribometers are used to achieve the wear mechanisms like Erosion (Ducom Gas Jet Erosion Tester), Three Body Abrasion (Ducom Dry Abrasion Testers), Sliding Abrasion (Ducom Rotary Tribometer) and Fretting wear (Ducom Reciprocating Tribometer). Such wear mechanisms occur at extreme environment conditions often seen in industries related to electricity, transportation and manufacturing.

Over 40 years of interaction with research community has driven the current state of tribometers offered by Ducom. Our tribometer is ranked the best in user experience by key industries. We are certain that our commitment to scientists will accelerate the materials research that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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